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Welcome to the website of the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan to the Republic of India.

I am honored to represent Azerbaijan in India and I will use the best of my knowledge and ability to enhance political, economic, humanitarian relations and people to people ties between our two friendly nations.

Azerbaijan and India share long-standing historical and cultural ties such as the Great Silk Road, Azerbaijani poet-philosopher, thinker Nizami Ganjavi had inspired many Indian men-of-letters, the Temple of Fire-Worshippers in Baku, capital of Azerbaijan, which attracts many tourists and researchers from India and throughout the world. In Late 1970’s early 80’s Azerbaijani engineers led by Mr. Eyyub Taghiyev were in forefront to discover oil and gas wealth of India to safeguard the energy security of the country.

It is my pleasure to greet all who are keen to know more about Azerbaijan.

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I am confident that this website can throw some light on your queries. If you spare some time you may find brief information on Azerbaijani history, culture, economy, as well as present-day developments.

The website also provides information on visa and consular issues as well, assists you with necessary webpages of various public institutions, NGOs and mass media.


Ibrahim A. Hajiyev