Notary Acts

In accordance with article 44 of the Consular Charter of the Republic of Azerbaijan the consul fulfils following notary acts:

1) confirming transactions (contracts, testaments, power of attorney, etc.) except the contracts on expropriation of immovable property situated in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan;

2) taking measures to protect family heritage;

3) issuing certificates on right to family heritage;

4) issuing certificates on right to share in community property;

5) attesting the authenticity of document copies and extracts;

6) attesting the authenticity of signatures on documents;

7) attesting the authenticity of translation of documents;

8) confirming that a citizen is alive;

9) confirming the location of citizen;

10) confirming the identity of a citizen correlates with a person depicted on a photo;

11) confirming the time of submission of documents;

12) holding money and securities in escrow;

13) confirmation of creditor details;

14) the safekeeping documents;

15) providing legal attendance;

16) taking marine protests. 

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