General information and rules of obtaining of Re-entry Certificate

Re-entry Certificate is a single entry-exit, temporary document in lieu of the passport of Azerbaijan (ordinary, service, diplomatic passports and documents of stateless persons permanently residing in Azerbaijan).

It is valid only to travel to Azerbaijan. Ensures the holder the right of transit pass over other countries for re-entry to Azerbaijan.

Validity is 1 month. Is issued within 3 working days.

Once returned to Azerbaijan, within 20 days the holder must hand over the Certificate and if passport is available to the relevant authority which has issued passport for him/her.

The Certificate is being issued in cases of:

  • If the passport is invalid due to expire of validity, has became non-readable or has no blank space in pages;
  • If the passport has been lost or stolen;
  • If person reached age of 18 abroad;
  • If person was born abroad;
  • If person deported to Azerbaijan does not have a passport;

Required documents for Certificate:

  • An application signed on the spot at the Embassy explaining the reasons for the Certificate by 18 years old person;
  • If applicant is under 18 years an application to the Embassy by parents (if one of them is a foreigner the document is to be attested by notary), guardians, custodians or any Azerbaijani national with an officially authenticated power of attorney and their ID cards;
  • Filled application form (click here)
  • If passport is invalid due to expire of validity, becomes non-readable or has no blank space in pages, the original of the passport;
  • If passport has been lost or stolen a report by the holder attested at the police station;
  • 2 photos (3x4, white background)
  • Any official document with photo that certifies applicants personality and nationality;
  • Receipt of fee payment (10$ to Embassy Account at RBL Bank LTD, 23, Basant Lok Market, Community Center, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi - 110057. Name of Beneficiary: Embassy of Azerbaijan, Account Number: 409001827829)
  • Travelling with the person a child or a teenager below 18 or over 18 while residing abroad has to have birth certificate or ID;
  • Birth certificate of child born abroad;
  • If one of the parents of child under the age of 18 is a foreigner, his/her notarized affidavit on no objection for the child's obtaining Certificate and travel to Azerbaijan and a copy of his/her passport;
  • If service or diplomatic passport is lost or intentionally made non-readable receipt of state fine of 30 Azerbaijani manat.

Following persons are exempted from payment of state fee for Re-entry Certificate:

  • Persons getting education or performing pedagogic activities sent by government authorities;
  • Persons set free from jails (correctional facility) abroad without passport;
  • Persons deported by foreign countries.

Attention: If documents reflecting personal details are absent, the Embassy will send an inquiry to the State Migration Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan. In this case an additional time is required to issue re-entry certificate.

If the Certificate is lost, stolen, became useless, disrupted or expired validity abroad diplomatic missions or consulates of Azerbaijan in the country (or nearest country) must immediately be informed, useless Certificate must be handed over to the relevant mission.

In this case relevant diplomatic mission or consulate investigates the case, may issue a new Certificate for the person on conditions mentioned above,

Warning: persons framing-up wrong declarations on themselves and accompanying persons will not be granted certificate and about which will be informed by written notice. 

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