Police Clearance Certificate

Police clearance certificate is issued by self-appeal with his/her ID to prove identity.

Application is sent by the Embassy via the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan to the Main Directorate for Operational and Statistical Information of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Azerbaijan. After the appropriate examination the certificate is received at the Embassy to be submitted to the applicant. The processing takes up to two months from the date of submission of documents.

Required documents:

  • application letter to the Embassy signed by applicant (contains full name, father's name, date and place of birth, nationality, residential address, also serial number, date and authority which has issued the passport);
  • an application form for the request from the Republic of Azerbaijan (click here);
  • original of the passport;
  • a notarised authorization letter if documents cannot be submitted by applicant;
  • citizens of other countries are to submit copies of Azerbaijani visas and if any, work or stay permit in Azerbaijan;
  • payment receipt of consular fee $10 for processing the document.
  • applications for the persons under the age of 18, also persons in the custody or under guardianship are to be submitted by their parents or legal representatives duly authorised.

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