Determination of citizenship

There are two reasons for determination of the citizenship status of the applicant:

  • If applicant does not have documents to prove his/her citizenship of Azerbaijan
  • If applicant is suspected to have obtained fraudulent documents for his/her citizenship of Azerbaijan.


  1. Presence of the applicant during the submission of the documents is compulsory.
  2. Applicants must sign the documents in person on the spot at the Embassy or documents to be signed by their duly authorised legal representatives in his/her presence.
  3. If during the checking of the documents the citizenship of Azerbaijan could not be confirmed, the citizenship will not be recognised.
  4. Original of the documents are to be submitted, in their absence confirmed copies by Azerbaijani Notary are to be sent subsequently to the respective authorities in Azerbaijan for verification.

Notice: In the following cases when the applicant has no documents to prove his/her Azerbaijani citizenship or his/her submitted documents are suspicious, he/she has to submit a document to prove the non-availability of foreign citizenship:

Born abroad and has no birth certificate issued by Azerbaijani authorities,

Resided in foreign countries,

One of the parents is a citizen of a foreign country.

Required documents for determination of citizenship

-        an application letter to the Embassy 

-        an application form for determination of citizenship (click here);

-        an application form for the document request from the Republic of Azerbaijan (click here);

-        a biography;

-        2 photos (3x4 size, white background);

-        ID of applicant (passport, citizen ID or other documents);

-        birth certificate;

-        for applicants under 18 years, ID cards of their parents or ID cards of legal representatives with official documents proving their rights;

-        for adopted child which is foreigner or stateless persons, official documents proving adoption duly;

-        for refugees settled in Republic of Azerbaijan between 01.01.1988 - 01.01.1992,  official documents proving residence duly;

-        for citizens of Republic of Azerbaijan or Azerbaijan SSR until 07.10.1998, registration documents by Ministry of Internal Affairs of Azerbaijan proving residence in country (with indication of the date of entry and exit from the residence place);

-        for prisoners in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan until 07.10.1998, a document by the Penitentiary Service of Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Azerbaijan (with the indication of the term of confinement);

-        for persons in the military service in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan until 07.10.1998, a document by the local authorities of the State Service for Mobilization and Conscription of the Republic of Azerbaijan (with the indication of the term of military service);

-        In following cases, a permit application by the child between ages of 14-18 signed on the spot at the Embassy:

  • If both adoptive parents are Azerbaijani citizen, by foreigner or stateless adoptee,
  • If one of the adoptive parents is Azerbaijani citizen, while the other one is stateless person, by foreigner or stateless adoptee,
  • If both parents have changed their citizenship and obtained Azerbaijani citizenship,
  • If only one of the parents is obvious and he/she has obtained Azerbaijani citizenship,
  • If one of the parents has obtained Azerbaijani citizenship, while the other one is stateless person, by the child living in Azerbaijan.

-        payment receipt of consular fee $25;

Notice 1. If applicants under 18 or under the guardianship are without the registration at the place of residence, registration place of their legal representatives to be mentioned respectively.

Notice 2. As the registration place of children who are orphans or deprived of parental care, followings are taken into consideration respectively:

¨      the residing places or hostels,

¨      residence of legal representatives

¨      residence of the adopter.

Document Request from Republic of Azerbaijan

Request for the citizenship document is to be sent through Embassy to be send to the State Migration Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
Processing will take up to two months.
The applicant will be informed in written once the Document Request is received from the State Migration Service.

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